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Aah, hello again. This is the previous anon about the Ian Bohen thing. I'm sorry if I came off as negative in any way. I understand where you're coming from (even if I personally believe it was just a badly worded tweet, and the entire thing was blown out of proportion.) I try very hard to avoid any negativity, which is often hard on a site like Tumblr, and the Ian Bohen tag is one of the few I follow. I honestly apologize if I sounded at all rude about it.

I didn’t have any problem with your message. As I said, you were very polite. You have nothing to apologize for. I simply didn’t agree with you. I understand it has been upsetting for you to find negativity in a tag you frequent (the same thing happens to me from time to time and it sucks), but I also understand that it’s impractical to expect other bloggers to edit themselves for the sake of their followers comfort level. We have the use of trigger warnings in order to be as considerate as possible in helping other tumblr users avoid potentially triggering posts, and I tagged my post with a TW for rape.
I believe in the importance of proper tagging; I believe that talking about problematic public comments Ian Bohen has made, in the Ian Bohen tag is appropriate, given that the possibly triggering topics discussed have been tagged.

If you would like to engage in a discussion about the content of Bohen’s tweet and tumblr post, I would be happy to oblige! But as for your request to change the original tags of my post, I have to say no.

Pardon me, but in regards to your Ian Bohen post, could you please not tag your negative opinions in the Ian Bohen tag? Maybe tag it in the anti tag instead. Or not tag it at all. You can feel however you want about what he said, but it happened a long time ago. No reason to bring it back up, especially in a tag that fans of his use. You can talk about it as much as you like on your own blog, but it would be appreciated if you would use the tags accordingly.

um, Oh boy. Okay. I appreciate how polite you were in your request anon, and it made me want to acquiesce just because I don’t want to upset you but…
I honestly don’t think it is misuse of the tag. I wasn’t using the space to insult or attack Ian Bohen, I was reflecting on my experience with comments he made publicly. Just because it doesn’t put Bohen in a positive light doesn’t make it inappropriate for the tag. Just look at the tag for Terry Richardson. It doesn’t matter when it happened, that does not diminish any of the problematic aspects of Bohen’s comments, especially seeing as Bohen has not apologized for, or shown any intention to educate himself on, the misogyny he was perpetrating. That in itself is enough reason to ‘bring it back up.’



I’m sort of at the point where I just assume all cis men are gross misogynists until proven otherwise

One can only hope you would after spouting bigotry.

Whelp. lemme explain you a thing. I don’t like that I move through the world assuming the worst in men. It’s unfair to all the men I meet; I’m perfectly aware. It makes me feel sad, angry, and yeah, icky that because of male privilege and rape culture it is safer for me to assume men are guilty until proven innocent. But guess what? When I choose to walk through my life giving every cis man I meet the benefit of the doubt, I am consistently disappointed at best and sexually assaulted at worst. It’s an act of self-preservation to acknowledge that even the nicest, most awesome dudes in my life are going to hold misogynistic ideals. Doing so means I am not setting myself up for emotional pain (again, at best) or sexual coercion/manipulation (at worst). My emotional and physical well being are more important than the possible offense you and others take to my saying that hey, we live in a patriarchy and those cultural values are taught to us from birth, I wonder if it, you know, affects the way boys and men see women. Also, I acknowledge that women can also believe in and perpetrate patriarchal ideals, the difference is that when they do it’s still a struggle that I share with them.



When I became an actress I quickly realize that the world liked their latinos to look Italian. Not like me. So I wasn’t going up for Latina parts. I was going up for African American parts. […]

Regardless of the fact that I spoke the language better and understood the culture better, those [stereotypical latina] weren’t the parts that…I could take seriously. Suddenly you have to explain why I look how I look. And then it gets complicated. And nobody wants complicated.

Gina Torres | Black Latino

5 million years ago Ian Bohen said a thing about rape and how women contribute to it by not being ladies. It’s been over a year and still I lay awake at night picturing his face and hearing his words and crying because i feel so frustrated and helpless. I hate that this man gets to see a news story about a 16 year old girl being gang raped and respond by blaming the victim. It burns inside when I think about the arrogance and condescension with which he replied to the female voices, many of whom were themselves rape survivors, who called him on it. I think about the way he dismissed them, mocked them, and listed the traits he felt they should embody in order to reduce rape in the world. But what makes it so fucking soul-crushing is how I know it hasn’t affected him. To him it was a tweet and a tumblr post. He wrote a thing, and he moved on. I have to go on living in a world where full grown men think a major cause of rape is a lack of self-respect amongst girls. I see other girls and women talk about how hot he is, or how cute he is with other Teen Wolf cast members and I want to scream because really this isn’t about one man having an opinion I dislike. It is about how easy and acceptable it is for “good guys” to perpetrate deeply misogynistic ideals under the guise of female “empowerment” from their position of extreme privilege only to face absolutely no consequences.

I’m sort of at the point where I just assume all cis men are gross misogynists until proven otherwise


Dozens Arrested Protesting #FIFA’s World Cup, Police Brutality Continues Despite Rising Death Toll

http://revolution-news.com/dozens-arrested-protesting-fifas-world-cup-police-brutality-continues-despite-rising-death-toll/ #telerjresiste #naovaitercopa

This blog has used images from these sources: Apoio à Ocupação da Prefeitura #telerjresisteColetivo CarrancaCaos na Saúde PúblicaBlack Bloc RJOlhar IndependenteAssembleia do LargoOrganização Anarquista Terra e Liberdade OATLColetivo VinhetandoBlackBlocSPFaseIIContra Copa 2014Ninja, De Olho Na Rua – Mídia Independente, Pedro Prado as well as photos taken by other individual witnesses to events.