A meandering amalgamation of yummy stuff
body positive
(that means no thin shaming either)
sex positive
(including being positive about some people's choice to not fucking have sex)
intersectional feminism
(and tbh some misandry)
general queerness and geekery
I Don't Even Know What I Don't Know

I give thanks every day to the costume dept person responsible for looking at those nasty ass fucking white boy dreads on the wraith and saying no

Brave Sound is the Will.I.Am of Kpop


We’re the goofiest.


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au where cosima and delphine are celebrities who start dating, but the media constantly refers to them as ‘gal pals’ until cosima gets really sick of it and goes to a press event to say ”WE’RE GAY. WE’RE SUPER GAY. WE’RE DATING AND IT’S EXTREMELY GAY.”

delphine behind her waving a little bisexual pride flag


The Imperial University: Academic Repression and Scholarly Dissent

At colleges and universities throughout the United States, political protest and intellectual dissent are increasingly being met with repressive tactics by administrators, politicians, and the police—from the use of SWAT teams to disperse student protestors and the profiling of Muslim and Arab American students to the denial of tenure and dismissal of politically engaged faculty. The Imperial University brings together scholars, including some who have been targeted for their open criticism of American foreign policy and settler colonialism, to explore the policing of knowledge by explicitly linking the academy to the broader politics of militarism, racism, nationalism, and neoliberalism that define the contemporary imperial state.

The contributors to this book argue that “academic freedom” is not a sufficient response to the crisis of intellectual repression. Instead, they contend that battles fought over academic containment must be understood in light of the academy’s relationship to U.S. expansionism and global capital. Based on multidisciplinary research, autobiographical accounts, and even performance scripts, this urgent analysis offers sobering insights into such varied manifestations of “the imperial university” as CIA recruitment at black and Latino colleges, the connections between universities and civilian and military prisons, and the gender and sexual politics of academic repression.

Contributors: Thomas Abowd, Tufts U; Victor Bascara, UCLA; Dana Collins, California State U, Fullerton; Nicholas De Genova; Ricardo Dominguez, UC San Diego; Sylvanna Falcón, UC Santa Cruz; Farah Godrej, UC Riverside; Roberto J. Gonzalez, San Jose State U; Alexis Pauline Gumbs; Sharmila Lodhia, Santa Clara U; Julia C. Oparah, Mills College; Vijay Prashad, Trinity College; Jasbir Puar, Rutgers U; Laura Pulido, U of Southern California; Ana Clarissa Rojas Durazo, California State U, Long Beach; Steven Salaita, Virginia Tech; Molly Talcott, California State U, Los Angeles. 

Piya Chatterjee is Backstrand Chair and professor of feminist, gender, and sexuality studies at Scripps College. She is the author of A Time for Tea: Women, Labor, and Post/Colonial Politics on an Indian Plantation and coeditor of States of Trauma: Gender and Violence in South Asia. 

Sunaina Maira is professor of Asian American studies at the University of California, Davis. She is the author of Desis in the House: Indian American Youth Culture in New York City and Missing: Youth, Citizenship, and Empire after 9/11.

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{Fanart} The Flower。

by synchren


Vows: Jason Aronne and Kunal Ghose

A fairytale proposal — on stage in front of an audience on Broadway — deserves a storybook event, so Kunal Ghose, 29, and Jason Aronne, 32, had two spectacular celebrations in San Diego.

It began at the couple’s home with the wedding sangeet, an informal Indian celebration which took place a couple of days before the wedding, where they all applied mehndi (decorative henna) designs to their hands and danced to Bollywood songs. Then, the wedding ceremony took place at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse in San Diego on July 11.

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Tea Party Comix 

They really don’t care about us…


this genuinely hurt.. they really tried it

but let it go right

published in 2010 though
not the 50’s

they published 3 editions of full comic books like this……..


I didn’t even want to reblog this… But y’all have to be educated… This is how they feel about us…. “They” as in, whomever feels this way about “us”.

2010 !?

I remember when this was published and they tried to bury the story.

I’m immortalizing the shit out of this.

a crimefighter

reblogging because the world needs to know.

Reblogging because a pamphlet a inch thick full of stuff like this was dropped off at every house in my neighborhood.  I was 15 and this shit was terrifying/maddening to have put on your doorstep


My kid and my Great Grandma are half white. That being said, I don’t have any malice for any race. This is bullshit.

Racism will forever exist…
I hate the lightskin/darkskin shit
Because we’re all “niggers” to them.

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